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A rather dire vision of Tibias future ;) (copyright by New Age) One of many attempts to steal account data: a faked CIP-page, promising "free houses" - lurking for greedy fools Another fake page, this time a very well done copy of the WoT, offering a "new version with sound" which would grab your account data and send it to the (soon to be) new owner of your chars

Its so damn cool: Tibia with the look of Ultima VII (copyright by Excessus) Ah, those nice evenings at the "Golden Chariot Tavern" in Tibia City (copyright by Pyros)

Some criminals do even try to kill GMs - looks like he is about to succeed (copyright by Karr Chaos)

But after a quick look at the description of GMs we dont need to worry anymore, they cant be killed :) (copyright by Vombat) Heh, no chance fooling us with some faked screens ;) (copyright by Lord Ariakas)

Okay, this has nothing to do with Tibia, but i guess it gives you an idea what CIPs master control panel looks like (copyright by ?)

A sad day: the player behind the char Ramones died in an RL accident. Many tibians showed their respect for him by writing in books at his house. Lots of Minotaurs, meaning lots of Experience for the first to enter :) (copyright by Darkbringer)

I have seen a lot of stupid names, but this one tops it all

Durin makes a surprising confession ;) (copyright by ?) One day they will come for us, i tell you... (copyright by ?)

Those were the days when doing a stupid broadcast got you killed (copyright by ?)


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