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The Minotaurs hail their great warriors, but they forgot the 100s of players who died there too ;) (copyright by Seppox) Okay, i know i shouldnt make jokes on dead people, but then this pic makes me smile (copyright by Aureus)

Never go to Fibula Dungeon without a key! You might encounter milka the merciless ;) (copyright by milka kuh)

A warm welcome for new players on Rookgard (copyright by new age) Something special - if you can read german, enjoy (copyright by Winill)

Pathetic... (copyright by ?)

Hilarious... (copyright by Aureus) After years of begging Simon had gathered enough money to build a small house - but then it burnt down, so he is begging again

The silver wedding of Kaladon and Sweettigerin at Kazordoon (copyright by ?)

A guildmeeting of the RTA at Thais (copyright by Bartman) I wouldnt play right now... (copyright by Halfhigh)

Who says you cant play chess at the PoH? (copyright by nedie)

This one is missing at CIPs monstersection (copyright by Trymon) Tibia in space ;) (copyright by Sitharion)

Uh, this pic smells very fishy (copyright by Vombat)

Ehm, what now? The server must be confused, telling me two different things the same time ;) Guido and Steve reward Flattery for being the first one who stepped on Edrons ground after the introduction of the pay-accounts

The demons were removed from the game a long time ago, now they are back on Edron as you can see

A nice impression of the possible look of improved graphic, though nobody can now how future Tibia will look (copyright by Crimson Dragon) Someone had an overdose of christmas joy and planted a wood of christmas trees (copyright by Hell Viper)

The mother of all lags! 

Genesis SE gets his new name, surprisingly it isnt "a manafluid" like we all had expected

A man with sense for the little things in life :) (copyright by Arieswar) Another old map, this is Tibia in the times of version Beta 3.1 (copyright by ?)

Santa came to Kazordoon depot, and a lot of people were running there to give him their wishlist (copyright by HellViper)

Bubble was the first char who reached level 100 (copyright by Bubble) "Everybodys surfin', surfin' Tibiaaa..." (copyright by Pyros)

Incredible, a new definition of the term "shameless" (copyright by ?)

They are shameless too, robbing all the food the elves had gathered in the foodshop (copyright by x) Interesting in several ways: this is the basement of the depot in Tibia City, no protection zone back then, and as you see at the bottom players entering or leaving game where displayed (copyright by Pyros)

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