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A char transformed into a beholder - nothing unusual you might say, but this is rookgard, and as there is no magic on this isle... this is very strange Well, this will certainly not bother anyone, but this is the first Demon Skeleton i killed! *g* This is the Troll-Kitchen in the mountain east of Thais - i like this place! (Hope my dog doesnt read this...)
There was a time when the drinks were better and the barkeepers were much friendlier - that was the time when even the Cycs came to the mino-bar for a drink This is the great Gay-Parade on the Mainstreet in Thais - a day full of love and sex and harmony. Oh, and just look on those wonderful white Nikes they are wearing :) Voigt built this on Rookguard. It was the first Arena for high-levels there - dangerous, but a cool idea...

Not really something special, but Tibias most dangerous being in all his awfull glory is always worth a picture The "Streets of gold" - a nice but expensive idea by Orio Winill at the old Ghoulplace near Tibia-City (copyright by Aureus)
Only few have seen this secret area - the place where the legendary sword Excalibug is guarded by demons, only reachable with the golden broom! (copyright by Falke) Aaahh, can there be any sweeter sight than this lovely level-up info?

Okay, THATS a really big level-up! The XP-counter couldnt handle this level anymore and exploded (literally) (copyright by Arieswar)

Building houses with crates, parcels and such is still popular - maybe someday CIP will implent real houses for players I really like black humor, and some editor had a lot of it when he (she?) created this place :) Dont forget that those were also the "old days": no PZ at the depot, and the ZR on a killing spree (copyright by ?)

This is somewhat sadistic: tons of cool stuff and no way to get in - but i still hope to get Knightmare drunk enough to tell me the secret A demon in old Carlin, summoned by one of the gods (copyright by ?) Did you ever ask yourself what the term "respawning" really means? Those Giant Spiders give the answer ;) (copyright by ?)


The king of the cyccave: Lost Soul (copyright by Lost Soul) This day some people demanded taxes for passing the dwarf bridge, if someone got no money he had to sing a song (copyright by Abso Oaksinger)

Click above to read and see a great story from the time of the version 4.0: Taghors Demon Fight (copyright by Taghor)




Not suited for minors: the archdruid Kaladon COMPLETELY naked! (copyright by Kaladon) As the old times are getting quite popular, here is the old MadMages Room (copyright by Aureus)

A quite diabolic place: only death will lead out here - a high price, and remember that you lost your complete equip back then! (copyright by ?)

This is Tibia some versions ago, when only 30 people were online and Tibia mainly meant the city now known as Thais (copyright by Aureus) A true Millenium bug ;) (copyright by Aureus)

The first group ever to visit Mintwalin after it was created (copyright by Ghaleb)

Yes, Sorcerers, cry, for such questions you will never hear again! (copyright by ?) The City of Greenwood in all her greatness, the first city ever to be completely built by players, with its own government and shops - great roleplay! (copyright by ?)

This is the library at the desert (copyright by Dmad)

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