Vienna-Convention 2002

Part I: A week at Vienna


The next day: visiting Schönbrunn, former residence of the Habsburgers. Silvarion just realizes that he is to tall for the job as castle guard ;)


We took a tour thats basically meant for children because of Gilgalat :D - and so Middle learns how to bow before empress and emperor


At the next station we learned how they dined back then


After that we had a walk at the big park around the castle


Next to the park was the "Tirolerhaus" where we were having dinner. Here you see Coronius and his 2 Apfelstrudels - the prelude to unknown horrors...


Coro celebrates a real massacre, and poor Airry has a hard time to concentrate on not throwing up


From the Tirolerhaus we went to the Zoo, one of the oldest and biggest in Europe. There we also saw this afk-manawaiter ;)


For cultural education we visited some communist pub in the evening, where Haggy kicked some peoples asses in table football


Meanwhile Fame Leonhard is either trying to seduce Airry or to comfort him because of his spilled Tequila, i cant tell ;)


The next day we moved to the Lilienhof for the convention weekend.


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