Vienna-Convention 2002

Part II: The Weekend At The Lilienhof


I didnt make many pictures during the weekend, and as there are lots of others already published i'm showing only a small selection here.


Saturday evening a Quizshow prepared by CIP took place.


Some people playing Magic: The Gathering, including CIPs Guido.


The traditional group picture of the Red Rose


We did a guildmeeting, and (surprising) not a single time we were interferred by someone yeeling for getting the Fibula door opened. We should do it this way more often!


While some were talking about serious topics...


...others concentrated on tastefull fashion.


Hammerfall looking a bit stressed by needing to fold his tent at the day of departure.


Sunday morning - Kajalas Birthday! We surprised her with some flowers and candles.


Soon after we left one by one, and so the great convention at/near austrias capital ended.

A BIG thankyou to the organizers, they did a really great job!


The Big Grouppicture


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