The Lord-Knights Chambers

This is one of the upper levels, and it is clearly the place where the master of the tower lives. Nobody answers your knocking, so you enter with caution, not sure if you are really welcome to disturb his privacy. The first room seems to be some kind of a dining room, with a big oaken table in the center, colored windows and many candelabras. You walk through the room, opening the next door. This seems to be some kind of a study, with bookshelves, a big map of Tibia pinned to a wall, and a view from the open window that takes your breath. But then your attention focuses to the massive desk, covered with scrolls, books and some flasks with colored liquids. Behind it sits a man with blond hair and weary eyes, that smiles at you. He stands up and reaches his hand to you.

"I am Beowulf, Lord-Knight of this Tower." He invites you to take a seat, and slowly the conversation starts. As you leave to your chamber, you learned a lot about him and the purpose of the tower.



As you will surely have noticed, this is a site about a Online-RPG called Tibia. I am one of the people who love it, hate it, and keep playing it ;)  I have spent a lot of time with my fellow Tibians, and to those who never played such a game, i must say that this is what is special on online-games: You can make friends, meet people who may live in countrys far away. An online-game has some sort of magic, you dont have to reach a goal - but you keep playing...

Well, Tibia isnt a game with good graphics, it has no sound, and your apearance and abilitys are quite poor. But as i said above, there is a kind of magic about it, and once you found some people to interact with, you will get addicted to it. Or you will hate it and leave, but thats always a matter of taste.

Something about me: I am from Germany (you may have noticed it by my bad english), living in a small town near Leipzig. I was always fascinated by Fantasy-Rolplay, i always loved to play Computer-RPGs, especially Ultima  VII - the best one ever! Then i became curious about Online-RPGs, and as i came across the link to Tibia, i decided to take a look. Well, and now i play Tibia since 1999, and i cant get away from it :)

This is the first Homepage i ever made, in fact it wasnt supposed to become a whole HP, as i was only working on a screenshot-page for our guilds site. But then it became bigger and bigger, i had more and more ideas, and it is fun to build and enhance the tower. I hope to get it finished some day, but well, there is a real life out there...  You have surely noticed by now, that i like words more than pictures, though i will add some graphics to each section, as i said, im working on it. Maybe i will add some pictures of myself, but then it may be better if i dont ;)

Some people asked me to change the background or the colors, but i simply dont want that, because its an hommage to the "Gate of Ishtar" from ancient Babylon, built by Nebukadnezar. The deep blue walls and the gold-yellow symbols on it fascinated me since i first saw it as a child (parts of the gate are rebuild in the historic museum in Berlin).

Anyway, i hope to help the Newbies searching for informations to the game, provide some things to smile for the experienced players, and at least i hope you enjoy your walk through the tower. And now off with you, there is a whole world waiting outside the walls!



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