The Keyboard

Coming closer, you notice alarge board filled with all kinds of keys - some made of copper, other shining golden, some rusty ones too, and keys shaped quite strangely. A really confusing setup, if it were not for the notes dispatched to every key. You start to read...


(Note: seems that at some point CIP played around a bit with the keylist, some old keys in my collection are gone and replaced by more common ones, while other - unique as well as now useless - keys still are there. Quite confusing, but i decided to still list every keynumber i ever owned for archive purpose)

Key Note
Silver Keys
0006 - (old key from Thais)
0008 - (old key from Thais)
0021 Southgate Cellar (old key from Thais)
3001 Pyramid
3002 Pyramid
3003 Pyramid
3004 Pyramid
3005 Pyramid
3006 Pyramid
3007 Pyramid
3008 Pyramid
3033 Elf Mines (Ab'Dendriel)
3600 Ghoul Room (near Mintwalin)
3610 Secret Laboratory (Mintwalin)
3620 Prison (Mintwalin)
3650 Mintwalin
3666 Mad Mage Room
3701 Necrohouse
4009 Desert Library
4022 Desert Dungeon
4033 Desert Dungeon
4037 Desert Dungeon
4055 Desert Dungeon
4600 Rookgard Training Room
4601 Rookgard Bear Key
4603 Rookgard Ghoul Key
5000 Witch House (Swamp)
5010 Black Knights House
Blue Keys (seems like they were removed?)
3520 Carlin Crypt
Crystal Keys (seems like they were removed?)
3702 Knight Watch Tower (PoH)
Copper Keys
3012 Hellgate (Ab'Dendriel)
3100 ?
3142 Old Ice Rapier Room (DTD)
3301 Tower Outlaw Camp 1
3302 Tower Outlaw Camp 2
3303 Lever room (Outlaw Camp)
3800 Dwarf King (Kazordoon)
3801 Baracks (Kazordoon)
3802 Kazordoon Prison
3923 - (old key from Fibula)
3925 - (old key from Fibula)
3934 ?
3988 ?
4501 Senja Dungeon
4502 Senja Castle
4503 Folda Dungeon
Wooden Keys
3940 Fibula Dungeon
3950 Flute Room (FD)
Gold Keys
3304 Somewhere at Outlaw Camp
3980 Deep Fibula
4210 - (old key from Fibula)


I own most of those keys, if you got some i dont know write me a mail and tell me which number it has and where it leads, so this list may get complete someday ;)

Thanks to all who provide me with new locations and keynumbers (smiling to Shapeshifter ;) ), keep on sending them to me!


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