Guilds of Tibia

Here are some guilds listed that might be worth a closer look. Of course this arent all guilds that exist, i listed only those which seem to be active or "real" guilds (thats why Badmans DSK isnt listed ;))



I finally gave up, it seems to be impossible to keep such a list in shape, as new guilds are forming, old ones are falling apart every week - its hard work to keep an eye on it, and i simply lack the time to continue. And as a incomplete list would be of no use, i wont update this page anymore...


addition: since the guildsystem was implented you can check them easily at


Emblem Name Alignment Comment
Red Rose (RR) Good My guild, one of the oldest and biggest
The Mercenarys Neutral The name is the program
Allianz Freier Tibianer (AFT) Good Really nice people there :)
Zathroths Riders (ZR) Evil Worshippers of the dark god Zathroth
Senatus Populusque Tibianus (SPQT) Neutral If you like ancient Rome, have a look
Kaerell Good Formerly the Guild Of The Raging Weasel
Anouncers Of Light (AOL) Good Another guild that exists for a long time
Riders Of The Apocalypse (RoA) Evil No Homepage (dark and mysterious, you know)
Temple Of Blood Evil A rather new guild, praying to a god of blood
Gods Army Good The PK-Hunters
Soldiers Of Justice (SoJ) Good The artists formerly known as "Golden Warriors"
Avatares De Plata Ole! Only spanish speaking, so i have no clue about them..
- Angels Of Tibia Good Descendants of the AUN?
- The Devils Army (TDA) Neutral Despite the name they are not evil
The Justifiers Good -
- Cleaners Of Tibia (CoT) Clean Their goal is to keep Tibia nice and clean
Rising Dragons Neutral A guild for high-level chars (>10) on Rookguard
The Alliance (TA) Neutral -
- Knights Of The Round Table (KRT) Neutral You need at least level 25 to join
- Dwarvish Brotherhood Drunken The biggest organisation of Tibian Dwarfes
Army Of Sweden (AOS) Good Level 20 to join, i think you should also be swede
- League Militaire Force (LMF) Good --
- The Crimonian Alliance Neutral Founded by King Crimson
Los Halcones Negros Neutral The biggest guild for spanish players
- Monk Clan Good Bob Marley would have joined them ;)
Communist Party of Tibia (KPT) Red Hehe, i had to include it, the HP is really cool
Guardians Of Rookgard (GOR) Good Like the name suggests...
Brotherhood of Zatroth (BOZ) Neutral -
- Natural Born Killers (NBK) Neutral Flameheads high-level guild (level 30 to join)
ABOVT Neutral Canadian students and the longest guildname ever


If you miss your guild or think that i have written something wrong, then contact me! After all, its hard work searching all those HPs for informations, and in some cases its not clear what the guild is about...


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