Virgels Bachelor-Party


Virgel, at this time leader of the RR, was about to marry the lovely bard and GM (which means Gamemistress in this case) Arianrod, sadly i wasnt able to visit the wedding, so the great bachelor-party held by Virgels friends is all i can show you.

Long ago, but still worth a smile :)


Still the people are nice and well-mannered - but this wont last very long :) Hmm, why is Virgel drooling? Too much beer? Or was it because he got a kiss from our lovely Housemaid? ;)
The "Stripperin" has everyones attention as she starts her show - the rest of the pictures are locked away.... The Bachelor has problems with his tongue :) Alcohol is the greatest enemy of a warrior - here we are battling him with great valor!


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