Vienna-Convention 2002

Part I: A week at Vienna

Well, those of us who had the time and the money came to vienna on the sunday before the actual convention, as the organisation team had planned some tours and activites to give us the chance to learn more about the austrian capital.

Sunday evening, gathering in front of the youth hostel


We went to the pub (kind of) to have a nice dinner and to talk a bit


Looks like Thyruss just fell in love with his giant Schnitzels ;)


The poster says "experience rainforest" - right now we experience just rain while waiting for the tram that never came


At the next morning Octavian gives us a guided tour through the city


A nice old alley


A nice young couple - so cute :D (no, i wont tell the names, just guess)


Eating dinner at the lawn infront of the Hofburg


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