Various Weddings

I only got one or two pictures of most weddings, here they are



This is the wedding of Jade and Myrlochar Masta T and Rebecca getting married Remember this section is called "three wedings and a funeral"? Thats the funeral...
The great dwarf Hammerfall got killed by some Cyclopses and was mourned by his friends at Kazordoon This is the weding of Lammi and Griselda. Its a smaller wedding, nothing unusual until now... As the bride stays quit and doesnt answer Lammi gets nervous. But she got only kicked! :)
After relogging finally they can exchange the rings. Congratulatuions! The wedding ceremony for Hell Viper and Lady Firebird, held at Ab'Dendriel (copyright by Hell Viper) This is a really old pic: the wedding of JohnathanIV (?) and Yelichia at Tibia City church (copyright by ?)
Sonne and Pyros get married (copyright by Pyros) A nicely organized wedding at a not-so-usual place (copyright by ?) Follow the signs to figure out who is who (copyright by ?)


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