The Plague called Testserver

Before every major update a testserver is set up, and everytime this happens eople do everything but testing, for the average tibian thats the time to go on a rampage and go all evil. Have a look at some action shots.


Try to figure out what makes this shot special ;) Every sorcerers dream;) When gods start to play...
A slightly modified loginpic for the betatest The first version of the "new" client crashed often and had a lot of other problems like this graphic bug  The occasional big monsters at the crossroad, a minute later i got killed by a warlock
A slime invasion (copyright by ecelas) Durin once again playing around with some demons (copyright by ecelas) Sooner or later mass-pking starts on every testserver (copyright by bartman)
Venore under monster attack (copyright by ?) More than he could handle (copyright by ?) The new skull-system starting to work (copyright by ?)
Server wars: Bubble got trapped by a lot of Novans (copyright by ?) The Demons seem to play King of the Hill (copyright by ?) Getting surrounded by Djinns isnt all fun (copyright by ?)


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