RL-Meeting of the RR in 1999 

Some of the members of the Red Rose met in Spring 1999 at a pub in Berlin

Thanks to Ghaleb for providing those historical documents ;)



alwin and our High Priest Bronswigk, wielding a holy candle or something like that


Little Oppossum


alwin got thirsty after maybe talking about the famous lava fish ;)


alwin, Bronswigk and Virgel


Ghaleb, Little Oppossum and Muchacho


Virgel with a strange haircut :D


To the left of Brosnwigk you see Frodo


Muchacho, Frodo and a red rose


The whole bunch (some looking a bit drunk ;) )

alwin, Virgel, Ghaleb, Bronswigk, Little Oppossum, Muchacho


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