Playerkillers, Spammers,

Firepushers and other vermins

Tibia at its worst...


Nice idea, but Santa, giving away apples, was soon misused by some people (like it always seems to end), and this led to some hard punishments... (also on this picture: Guido, one of the Gods!) Some mad guy who begged me to kill him - he said it was because his heart was broken... (i didnt do it, but later some PK had not so much problems with killing people) This picture contains explicit language - i hope he got banned for it!
After he was yelling this for 5 Minutes, finally a GM took notice, and guess what happened :) In the "old" mages guild there were always some stupid low-levels pushing people into the fire and looting them - but this day some warriors of the good striked back! After the christmas-update there was a mino-mage at the temple, who couldnt be pushed out, and with the "help" of some sick people he said many times "Learn tha secret of death!"
One of the "best" spammer-names i ever encountered - he was one of the many dudes that gathered pushing and spamming around the mino-mage. I wish that people would be so active if it comes to doing good things... This is a PK-Trap - lucky are those who never saw one with their own eyes! In the frontline is Sir Balthazar, who wanted to be a member of the RR, seems like he found a way to get fired with the speed of light! (copyright by gork) Jac Vobar, one of the most hunted PKs in front of his enemies and nobody can attack him - the result of the "Christmas Peace" in 2000

Something special: a tool that will help you to speed Tibia up - thats what it promises, but instead it sends your password to an mail-account A Trap under the rotworm temple - you cant move anywhere and are completely helpless (copyright by lost soul) Hehe... (copyright by Aureus)

One of the oldest spots for traps: the hole under the old temple (copyright by Hoho (yes, he is one of the PKs)) Thats the cellar of the lighthouse - usually without this extremely deadly trap (copyright by Dave Death) Another trap, using melee monsters instead of magic users (copyright by Parn)

A lured Giant Spider wreaks havoc upon Ab'Dendriel (copyright by ?) Bridge blocking on Rookgard - soo funny (copyright by ?) The Venore Depot is the target of this lured Dragon Lords anger (copyright by ?)

A trap inside a house (copyright by ?) And another lured GS, again in Venore Depot (copyright by ?)


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