Octavian & Buffy

What a beautiful couple...

The wedding was celebrated in the center of Fibula village, and i cant remember of any wedding with so many wellknown guests. I counted about 65 people - amazing to think that not long ago the player limit was at 100.

It was a very solemn moment when they exchanged their rings, and then the crowd started to cheer... <snief> May the gods bless their marriage!


Its still silent, only the organizers are here - and didnt they do a great job with the decorations? Guardian (who has the honor to be the priest) gets nervous that the bride could have run away ;) Many guests have arrived, and so has Octavian, and now Silvarion is about to hold a speech to start the ceremony
Finally the bride has stepped in front of the altar. Lliannan praises her beauty, and he is right by doing so! Guardian beginns the holy ceremony... Buffy answers with "yes"
And Octavian also answers "yes" They exchange their wedding rings (they were implented in the game only some days ago) The guests start to cheer, the whole screen goes yellow with gratulations and BCs
After that the party starts, and what a great party it was - all kind of food and drinks, and all for free! :) Meanwhile the couple receives gratulations and many gifts. Soon after this shot Buffy got hijacked by Garwin (an old wedding tradition, no crime!) As Niehoff started to empty his bladder in front of the bar i stopped making pictures, but maybe i will use some of the footage to blackmail some people ;)


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