Magic Moments

Magic... feared by many, mastered by few


A nice little hit by an SD (copyright by Utanaga) Another SD (copyright by ?) One of the old energy bombs, when those runes were rare and had a bigger radius (copyright by Nedie)
Energy Waves can hurt (copyright by ?) Underestimated by many people: burst arrows  A new experimental rune spell, no details available (copyright by Ellsworth)
This is Mass Healing (copyright by Ygrane) Ygrane) The most powerfull spell for knights: Berserk (thanks to Mordok for assistance ;) ) The creation of a Undead Legion (copyright by Bär)
This spell was removed long ago, but finally its back in the game: Ultimate Explosion Voldemort is testing a new spell, developed in secret labs at Rookgard (copyright by Ganion) Its a full success! (copyright by Ganion)
Thats what i call effective use of mana (copyright by Narloth) An Ultimate Explosion, but as you can tell by the graphics its from the times before it was removed some years ago (copyright by Pyros) Voldemort still searches for new spells, as you can see he is doing good progress (copyright by Ganion)
Hot (copyright by Mulf) Another UE (copyright by Mulf)


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