Cool & Rare Items

Everyone dreams of them, a few people own them: rare items.

Some of the rich opened up their treasurechests and let us have a look inside, other shots were made by using the Tibia-Emulator (marked with "fake")


The famous blessed shield - its godly power is unique, but it shall rest sealed in this depot till the end of time A demon armor A demon shield, the dream of every mage ;) (copyright by Trymon)
A dragonscalemail (copyright by Lost Soul) Every Tibia starts drooling at this sight - but its only a fake (copyright by la'rak) Another fake, this time the old graphics of Tibia were used

One of the legendary spellscrolls, that allowed even knights to learn high spells, but they were removed long ago because they were not good for gamebalance (copyright by Aureus) A nice staramulet (copyright by Trymon) Who wouldnt want to go shopping at this smithy?

The sword of legends: the Cyclopmania Sword. Removed from the game... (copyright by ?) Arieswar seems to be rich (copyright by Arieswar) A lot of nice treasures, but they were secured against graverobbers, so watching is all you can do (copyright by Sajkokid)

A rune of Burn Creature - back then an ultra rare item, sold for about 60k on an auction (copyright by Nedie) Nedie) Nice loot from one Black Knight hunt (copyright by BaM) One of two Bright Swords in the game

The Kaerell Shield (now Ancient Shield) - only few of those symbols of a vanished guild exist A rare sight: a Rose Armor and a Rose Shield, sign of the blessing of our guild by the gods The unique Blue Robe taking a walk at the crossroads ;)  (copyright by Halfhigh)

Platin, runes and rares - thats what tibian dreams are made of (copyright by Yoshi Hiro) Yoshi Hiro) Too bad thats only on a testserver :( (copyright by Trymon) A real classic pic: the treasure chamber at the cyclair near Thais; generations of adventurers tried to get in with no effort (copyright by Sir Pyros)

A real load of finest items (copyright by Karr Chaos) Many nice items, worth a lot of money and time Sadly those aint my backpacks :/ (copyright by Alex)

Ladies and gentlemen, i present you the legendary Cyclopmaniasword. Many say its cursed by the gods... (copyright by Alex) Nice loot (copyright by Holy Warlord)


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