The Rage of Ferumbras

His reapearing shuttered whole Tibia: the mad, godlike mage, his powers almost unlimited, his body nearly invulnerable. It took many of Tibias strongest heroes to finally defeat him. Here are some pictures of battles against him.


The word has spread that he aproaches Thais from the east gate - so i headed there But even before i could see Ferumbras, i saw the first victims and the signs of powerfull magic I tried to escape this chaos by heading back to the center ot the town, but there were already warlocks coming from the north...
Meanwhile, the battle at the gate continued He summoned lots of dragons and warlocks - i am glad they were not implented in the normal game, believe me Despite all efforts to stop him, he made his way to the crossroads

As you see, his level alone would have made him a hard enemy But his mighty magic brought enough havoc to the defenders to let surviving be the only thought Some days later, heroes found out how to defat him and faced him in the plains of havoc

This time he looked like a demon, and he even summoned some of those creatures In addition he called a lot of dragon lords, and once again used spells unavailable to mortal man The fight was hard, but the brave heroes got him wounded more and more

He is nearly dead, it cant take long now... Its done! Ferumbras is dead, peace returns to the lands - but also a big mourning for those who paid with their lifes for this One of the few pics where you actually see his true body without transformation

The battle rages, but still some heroes got enough time to smile (copyright by Cargo) Here you can see him breaking through the gate, summoning like mad (copyright by ?) Ferumbras already attacked the town years ago, back then his daughter Fortinbrae was killed (copyright by ?)

The front line of the eastgate defenders (copyright by ?)


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