Screenbugs & Bugs


The most unusual screenbug: only earth around me, and my inventory is gone What a romantic sight: the fire lights the shore - but this should be the center of Fibula-Village! I see myself twice, and my other self claims to be a wolf and attacks me - hmm, was this caused by Fjedrils strange pills?
There was a rotworm appearing in the cellar, and even the floor began to fade See the cool lightshow in front of our sheep? Well, you cant say that the Red Rose wouldnt entertain their pets ;) The only official bug CIP has ever programmed :) (you guess it, this was around new years eve 1999)
A secret shot taken at the hidden CIP-lab! They are going a new way to solve the lag-problem, because it will be normal to see only your stats and inventory and a frozen background picture... This could be the new depot: increased size and fancy arrows on the floor to show the newbies the way to the boxes The bridge to minocity is gone, but still someone can stand on the water (or is this guy Jesus?)  (copyright by Aureus)
The wellknown ladder bug, often used for traps as well  (copyright by Dennis) Usually nothing swims on the tibian water, but this day it was possible  (copyright by Trymon) Due to a spwanbug (or whatever you want to call it) this cave on Rookgard was filled with hordes of monsters  (copyright by Voigt)
Weird: some players were brought back to Rookgard by a bug - with full equip!  (copyright by Trymon) The same bug was responsible for this item found on a place were it shouldnt exist  (copyright by ?) The stairs in Kazordoon are gone - this was a bug that happened quite often  (copyright by Sajkokid)
The "bug of equality": everyone appears as level 1 at the playerlist  (copyright by Sir Lancelot) Ups, stuck at the wall  (copyright by rogerscable) Thais is once again a wild area by every means  (copyright by Voigt)
Do you know the song "Smoke on the water"? This is the tibian version: "Slime on the water"  (copyright by Seething Knight) A scimitar which came to Rookgrad due to a bug is handed to a GM  (copyright by vegabond) The talon bug from version 6.6 crashed the screen, leaving the player helpless delivered to the talon-user (copyright by Light-Pike)
The talon bug was one of the biggest bugs ever in a released Tibia version, but a joke a day keeps the bugs away (copyright by Lord Andreas) When the server is reset it usually happens that people who were sleeping during the reset stay at their beds, even if they log in again If the dwarfes of Kazordoon knew about someone standing inside their usually unreachable mushroom farm the hell would break loose (copyright by ?)
A classic bug, exploited by probably all players back then: blocking enemys with flowers, which they couldnt pass or move (copyright by Pyros) Attack of the flying letters! (copyright by Illunion) Some blank runes and a HMM on Rookgard (copyright by ?)
Basically its ok that a crate swims on the water, but not in Tibia (copyright by Ygrane) A black out from the past (copyright by Pyros) One of the feared bugchars,walking dead that couldnt be killed, the perfect PKs (copyright by Pyros)
I wouldnt recommend to keep on playing with this screen (copyright by ?) Hehe, someone got turned upside down when he saw the new outfit colors ;) (copyright by Adrelina) The Invisible man hovering over a hole (copyright by Orre)
An relic of the old times before Rookgard - a level 1 with a vocation (copyright by ?) Some graphic tiles are missing, either a bug or bad mapping (copyright by BrathonDeVar) Thats how bug-abuse gets prevented: no food for those who no longer pay for their premium (copyright by ?)


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