The Battle Arena

Furious fights, bloody deaths, incredible monsterhordes


Have you ever asked yourself why they call it "Plains of Havoc"? Poor MacQuarrie is about to find out why... (copyright by MacQuarrie)

Its a really old picture, but having a demon toast Thais (Tibia City back then) is an unusual view. And besides, the old demon was much cooler (copyright by Aureus)

Poor Aureus got caught by the renegade commander... (copyright by Aureus)

But he gathered some friends and took his revenge! (copyright by Aureus)

No chess at PoH with this Warlock around (copyright by ?)

Ouch! That hurt... (copyright by Halfhigh)

Falke wanted to quit Tibia like a hero in the fire of dragons, but Genesis got kicked after summoning them along with some fire elementals - all on the roof died Since most of the dead had quite high levels, hordes of the looters came crawling upon, followed by the usual bunch of PKs, spammers and whatever. More people died on the streets in useless bloodshed then on the roof...

Finally some heroes killed the mosnters, which were first blocked by GM-Chars to allow access to the roof. I dont know who killed most of them, but it was mainly Dagor Dragontooth. And so silence returned to Thais

Thats what i call "going down in a blaze of glory" (copyright by Lord Quickkill)

No comment needed, just run (copyright by Halfhigh) He didnt run... (copyright by Sanarion)
Demons have always been damn good in killing people (copyright by ?) And once again because it was so good (copyright by ?)

Poison lies in the air... (copyright by ?)

Indeed (copyright by Halfhigh) Violence and bloodshed - but such things you only see on the testservers ;) (copyright by Tornado) And tonite life on stage: "The Flaming Spiders", rocking the POH (copyright by ?)
Antoher demonfight, or rather his result (copyright by Beta) A real massacre, staged at Carlin. It was some kind of guild war, dont ask for details (copyright by Vidofner) We dont need no water, let the mo... err, well (copyright by ?)
Thats just madness (copyright by Juvius Fang) When knights get bored... (copyright by Holfhigh)


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