Now you know how those heroic fighters look without their armor.

Send me your pictures too, other people want to laugh too ;)


Cormac Mor of MacQuarrie takes a nap. Judging by the look on his face he must dream of looting some demons ;)


 In the John Wayne-movies women from Texas never wear pelts - but well, after all she is a lady...


A true warrior is wearing always at least some spikes, no mercy in his eyes. Uhm, thats just myself :)


Not many viruses have such blonde hair - VirusX (now Sitharion)


Genesis Se ("Mr. Manafluid") having a trip after drinking too much mana ;)

The guy at the left is Lightbringer


Extreme horror: Badman, doom of every board on this earth


This is the lovely princess romana <hug> :)


Im blue, dabadee dabadey - Shapeshifter!


This is Excessus, protecting the SoV in his pockets 


This is hagbard - but i still havent figured out if he is the guy to left or to the right



Messias der Unschuld - yes, there are real girls in Tibia ;)


A horde of drunken orcs, the one with the green bottle is Snyder


SpeedyR (now Spedorina), Tibias fastest paladin 


milka kuh - will she find a helmet that fits on that hairdo...?


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