Our Guildlife

(a lot of it seems to be meetings, but thats because you have a lot of time to take a shot during those meetings ;))



Our first Guild-meeting in 1999 - do you notice how few we were? Something you cant quiet imagine today Sightseeing-tour for the new Novices :) Our special guest this evening: Senator Lostboy, "Mister Fibula" himself!
The only sad thing during our great Fibula-carnival: Peppis stolen Knight-Armor - the two supposed thiefs died... This should have been Guardians duel with Slayn, but since they both couldnt come, the guests started to test their skills - until some Level 1s started making trouble I am mourning for our brother Norry, who got killed during a lag (one of his 11 lag/bug-deaths in a row!)
Here you can see a small patrol of the Round Table, securing the streets of Thais, searching for PKs and other villains This is a Tibiaball-match against our great allies, the AFT. Though it was a really good match, we had bad luck this day and lost 2:6... But here you can see why we lost: the AFT cheated by bringing in three balls!! (the dead bear is the ball ;)) Hehe, honestly this is just a screenbug, but it prevented me from preventing some goals

Some members of the Gods Army visited our house to sign a contract of alliance between our guilds The members of our Round Table catch everyone that is on our PK list A very old picture of our table at the basement - doesnt it look inviting?

What can be better than some brothers at your side, together battling dangerous enemies? While some people are having fun, the novices and the employees have to work hard to earn their living and to feed the always hungry guildmembers ;) Yes, thats the right spirit ;)

This is the second Fibula Carnival, again a great party brought to you by the RR. This picture shows the first game. Here you see "Shoot the chicken", the chicken was played by Greyknight Some people had big problems to kill a ghoul with just a longsword, but it was fun anyways

Everyone waiting to the prices from the tombola, wasnt it somehow like christmas day? :) milka assisted Halfhigh in giving out the prices. Most people were happy, even with smaller prices. There are people who laugh about our Housemaid, but with her SD-scrubbing-brush she is more powerfull than it may seem!

Every novice has to go through a hard interview (we call it crossfire) before he is allowed to join - Kajala survived this far And in case you wondered how we choose our novices: we simply convince people passing by that it would be better for their health to join us ;) They have to work very hard for the privilegue to be a RR, there are always missions like baking 1000 breads as it is shown here

Some of our members made a little trip to hellgate, they brought back the treasure you see there to fill our treasure chamber  The big duel between Kajalas monk and Mordoks demon skeleton - the monk won, using his holy words to crush the undead creature Octavian, freshly transferred to the Roundtable, shows just the right motivation ;)

A bunch of Roses fetching their quest-reward 


Also have a look at www.tibia.de there is a movie about our meeting with the AFT at the "classic" Tibianic, dont miss it!


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